Artist collective formed in 2005 in Tokyo with Ushiro Ryuta, Hayashi Yasutaka, Ellie, Okada Masataka,
Inaoka Motomu and Mizuno Toshinori and all in their twenties at the time. Responding instinctively to the “real” of their times, Chim↑Pom has continuously released works that fully intervene in contemporary
society with strong social messages. Using video as a primary discipline, their expressions freely cross over
a range of media from installation to performance. While based in Tokyo, they develop their activities
globally in exhibitions and projects in various countries. More recently,they have expanded their activities
further to include the direction of art magazines, and exhibition curation. Japanese-language publications
Naze Hiroshima No Sora Wo PIKA! To Saseteha Ikenainoka [Why Can’t We Make the Sky of Hiroshima “PIKA!”?](Tokyo: MUJIN-TO Production, 2009, co-edited with Abe Kenichi), Chim↑Pom (Tokyo: Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2010),  Geijutsu Jikkohan [Art as Action] (Tokyo: Asahi Press, 2012),and  [SUPER RAT] (Tokyo: Parco, 2012) are now available.

と発表。映像作品を中心に、インスタレーション、パフォーマンス など、メディアを自在に横断しながら表現して
らに活動の範囲を広げ、美術専門誌監修や展覧会キュレーションなども行う。著作に『 Chim↑Pom チンポム作
プロダクション、2009年)、『芸術実行犯』(朝日出版社、2012年)、『SUPER RAT』(パルコ出版社、2012年)がある。

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Thank You Celeb Project I'M BOKAN

acting on volunteer spirits
acting on Gal culture
we’ve got somehow eagerly involved in
succeeding to the context of the Dianna spirits
still alive from Hepburn to Anjelina Jolie and Madonna
even though it’s hypocrisy to camouflage gaps
let’s leave such a bitter criticism aside for now


“Road to Cambodia”
just because landmines’re waiting there
we cannot help but feel
it’s rather ourselves who’ve got things to be blasted away

“Landmine Removal”
to realize such a super celeb-like dream
we got cheap flight tickets
from ACOM via H.I.S. to Cambodia

let’s go flying
even without leaving our last wills
if anything to leave to avoid misunderstandings
we shall repeat the same word my mother used to scold us
“It’s not a joke!!”
so if any trouble happening to us
it’s all our responsibility
what matters?
we can never be individuals irresponsible to the world
let’s go Chim↑Pom
now the time to show your volunteer spirits
that’s the Celeb Duty

Chim↑Pom April 2007

[ACOM: the most popular consumer credit in Japan
H.I.S.: the most popular cheap travel agency in Japan]

In 2007, Chim↑Pom headed for Cambodia to realize the dream of Ellie who feels strong sympathy for celebrities as saying, “I wanna do charity in landmine fields like Dianna.”During the stay of a month or so, we exploded landmines with objects like Ellie's own luxury bag or a plaster figure of Ellie posing in celeb-like fashion, which amounted to seven items, in collaboration with local residents who have engaged with landmine removal. It was a project to send money to the local residents by selling these exploded items in Japan.

Coming back from Cambodia, Chim↑Pom held a charity auction independently to sell the exploded items.

The auctioneers were Mr. Ito Seiko and Ellie. Contrary to the ordinary audition style where prices rise up, the auction started from the same prices as those of famous works of art, and kept lowering the prices gradually until someone rises hand. The prices were counted in US$, JPY, Cambodia Liel and the number of artificial legs purchasable with the money and projected onto the screen in the front side of the space. For example, when 12.6 billion JPY, the same as Damien Hurst's “For the Love of God,” was set to be the starting price, the number of artificial legs larger than needed in all over the world was shown at the same time. It was an experiment to let all the people in the space share the same responsibility and embarrassment that we have to buy them up while watching the number of the artificial legs decreasing with the price.

The auction's sales achieved 2.1 million JPY in total. In 2008, Chim↑Pom visited Cambodia again with 1.05 million JPY as their portion. Although Cambodia had experienced many changes in half a year, the money was all given to those who seemed to need it still in the situations. The whole project including its consequences is documented in the film “I'm BOKAN : Complete Edition."